It’s a sign!

By Maker

One of the exciting parts of moving into our studio has been designing our space. Producing signage has definitely been an excellent use of our multi-disciplinary skills, all the fun tools (I mean, we have to use our 3D printer for something practical) and satisfies our insatiable need to make stuff. We did our best to capture the process of developing our outside signage, so let’s walk through some of the highlights!


The design our logo lends itself easily to being turned into a display. However when it comes to execution, there were definitely a few challenges to overcome. With our interior sign, we had to make some compromises and use only a partial cut-away of the hat so it could be mounted on the wall. The trick here was to provide enough clearance for the motor driven propeller to spin, while not having a huge hat sticking out, well into our entry way. Fortunately, this became a non-issue with our exterior sign, but encountered a new set of challenges figuring out to print a full-size hat on our smaller 3D printer, would then need to be re-assembled, support a wind-powered prop, and stand perched up the top of the sign.

First we determined what the overall shape of the sign would be. We wanted to encapsulate the logo-type into a simple form, and would also keep the hat close enough to it, but have some character and personality. Our brand is inspired by the retro (sci-fi) look of the 1950’s / 60’s – so a rounded badge shape seamed to be capture that well.

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