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It’s a sign!

By Maker

One of the exciting parts of moving into our studio has been designing our space. Producing signage has definitely been an excellent use of our multi-disciplinary skills, all the fun tools (I mean, we have to use our 3D printer for something practical) and satisfies our insatiable need to make stuff. We did our best to capture the process of developing our outside signage, so let’s walk through some of the highlights!


The design our logo lends itself easily to being turned into a display. However when it comes to execution, there were definitely a few challenges to overcome. With our interior sign, we had to make some compromises and use only a partial cut-away of the hat so it could be mounted on the wall. The trick here was to provide enough clearance for the motor driven propeller to spin, while not having a huge hat sticking out, well into our entry way. Fortunately, this became a non-issue with our exterior sign, but encountered a new set of challenges figuring out to print a full-size hat on our smaller 3D printer, would then need to be re-assembled, support a wind-powered prop, and stand perched up the top of the sign.

First we determined what the overall shape of the sign would be. We wanted to encapsulate the logo-type into a simple form, and would also keep the hat close enough to it, but have some character and personality. Our brand is inspired by the retro (sci-fi) look of the 1950’s / 60’s – so a rounded badge shape seamed to be capture that well.

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The Future is NOW!

By Entertainment

We at Atomic Kid Studios would be remised to not mark this day in history with the most basic of blog posts about Back to the Future Day. Not for nothing, we owe our very name to one of the more obscure references in the original Back to the Future film.

Ever since I saw the movie in the theatre at the ripe age of 9, I’ve been a huge fanboy. Much to the dismay of other fans out there, it’s 2015 and we still don’t really have our hover boards, flying cars, hydratable pizzas and self-lacing shoes. But one should not give up hope. The “future is now” and I think we still have plenty of gadgets to keep us entertained and inspired.

We have also been thrilled to support Back In Time, a Kickstarter funded documentary that offers the ultimate fan look into the cultural impact of the Back to the Future trilogy. I can’t wait to watch all the great interviews with the cast and crew!

From this day forward this movie will be completely set in the past. Something that blows my mind every time I think about it. So grab your favorite 80’s microwaveable dinner, and some Jiffy Pop and Tab and sit back to enjoy one of our favorite films… probably yours as well.


Winner – 2015 Gold Davey Award

By Announcements

Excited to share the news that Atomic Kid Studios has been awarded a 2015 Gold Davey for Tap Cancer Out – BJJ Open, in the Online Film and Video – Charitable/Not-for-Profit category.

We’re really proud to be part of such an important campaign to support cancer research, and that this video has been so positively received. We encourage you to learn more about the Tap Cancer Out Foundation at

The full story can be watched here.

Adobe Max 2015 Presentations

By Education, Technology

It was a great privilege to speak at this year’s Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles. I always leave energized, with great ideas and many new friends. My two talks centered around motion-graphics for presentations and filming corporate interviews. Wildly separate topics, but fundamentally based in creativity, and the question – how to best use the tools we have to produce great content and tell great stories.

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iPhone 6 Sizing Chart

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As a true Apple “fan boy” I’m as excited as many to get my hands on the new iPhone 6. With this new release comes the most noticeable (and popular request) two larger screen sizes. While I’ve probably been somewhat in the minority, feeling that the iPhone 5 pretty much hit the “sweet spot” in terms of how large a phone should actually be, it was inevitable that Apple was to release a new phone that addressed complaints from the many people who felt their phones just didn’t live up to expectations of today’s market. I’m of course referring to the Samsung Galaxy s5. I’m pretty sure, that the iPhone 6 Plus, a near tablet sized phone, will finally shut everyone up.

I, myself, will have my finger hovering over the Pre-Order button on September 12, 2014 – but the question I was left with following today’s keynote was how much larger than my iPhone 5 will it actually be.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering this, and if you are jumping on the pre-order, there is no chance of seeing it in person before the sale date, we’ve taken a few moments to put together a sizing guide, you can print out… cut… and hold in your hand, put in your pocket, drop in your purse – and see if you should jump on an iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 Plus, or be fully content with the iPhone 5 you already have.

Download iPhone 6 Sizing Chart

A Flight of Fancy

By 3D, Education, Tutorials

For a large portion of my career I’ve had the privilege of teaching multiple college undergraduate design courses, and it is something I truly enjoy. It’s an opportunity to not only share my own knowledge and work experience with the next group of industry professionals but to also continue to hone my own skills. I firmly believe that the best way to keep learning is to teach someone else. This forces us to go back and re-evaluate concepts we may take for granted, and in some cases introduce ourselves to new ones that both the student and professor can benefit from. Read More