LEGO Build Day

Gather ’round for a holiday tale.

In the fall of 2020, the LEGO Agency Americas and Americas Digital Marketing set out to create the unthinkable. A social-first, cultural moment just AFTER the holidays, connecting family togetherness with LEGO building.

The plan was to unbox a new tradition, LEGO Build Day. The day after Christmas, December 26th. What began as a small, social-only experiment in the US, became a global activation with a mega media budget to match.

More than 150 creative expressions were developed to showcase what LEGO Build Day is by driving participation – and enriching the celebration – from a branded Twitter emoji to a TV commercial used in the U.K

The results? Families built. Imagination and creativity flourished. And countless memories created, successfully engaging LEGO Build Day participation around the world.

Now that’s an annual tradition we can get behind!

ClientLEGOServicesIllustration, Storyboard, Animation

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