The project

We were honored to partner with the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz and the Young Arts Musician Research Group to produce a fully character animated video featuring playful music notes and teaching elementary students to be confident in their own skin.

Music provided by jazz musician Nick Vayenas. Our narrator, features legendary Grammy award winning jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock alongside the vocal talents of CJ Emmons. As Herbie once said, “I think risk-taking is a great adventure. And life should be full of adventures.” We think so too.


Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, YAMS


Script, Voice-Over, Storyboard, Animation


Illustrator, After Effects

Color palette

Playful and fun colors for our lead characters, with subtle washes in the background.






We use a variety of character animation tools in After Effects to provide a more granular control over various character features. These tools streamline the animators input so they can focus on performance.


2022 Platinum AVA Digital Award

2021 Gold MarCom Award

2021 Gold Viddy Award