The project

We partnered up with our talented friends at Service Now to produce content for the 2022 Craft Summit. 
Videos were shown as “interstitials” throughout the presentation to spice things up, and introduce our audience to the key points of their Experience Design Method or “EDM”. This abbreviation lent itself to multiple interpretations which each of the characters were happy to present.


Service Now


Prop / Puppet Development, Puppeteering, Filming, Editing and Post


Premiere Pro, After Effects

Color palette

Each puppet was carefully selected to accompany each of the 4 core EDM colors.





It's alive!

We’ve purchased props and wardrobe before, but nothing quite like this. Lifeless puppets arrived at our studio and by the next week they were full of personality and had formal names. Lots of felt, glue and hand cramps went into their creation.


Showcased internally to over 800+ viewers, these infomercials successfully gathered more viewers than years prior, guiding them on the journey of how to deliver creative content with a quality result.