The project

We partnered with Edgewell’s Schick brand on their latest launch of the HydroSilk high-performing shaving products that are designed to give women the ultimate control of their hair removal process.
View our “beauty reel” below featuring some highlights from our production. Final content was produced in multiple sizes including cut-downs and reformatting for social media.


Edgewell / Schick


Live Action Production, Casting, Location, Filming, Editing, Post-Production


Premiere Pro, After Effects

Color palette

Color played an important role in this piece, from products to packaging.





Ready for a close up

With a very first look at it’s new packaging, we highlighted the HydroSilk series of products, showcasing features and benefits as well as matching how-to videos.

Lights, camera, wax strips...

We coordinated a two day shoot, casting a diverse set of fabulous females that rocked their roles while our core crew brought the set to life.
The aim was to capture the real-time, “silky smooth” results mirroring the brands mission to “transform the good to great.”