The project

In support of LEGO’s 2019 “Can you imagine?” campaign geared towards parents, we developed a series of 3D animated spots that playfully show what happens when children push their imagination beyond the step-by-step construction of your typical LEGO sets. Sometimes extra wings on an X-Wing doesn’t help… but it sure looks cool. All scenes modeled in 3D, and include character VoiceOver, facial animation and sound design.




Voice-Over, Storyboard, 3D Animation, Sound Design


Maya, Cinema 4D, After Effects

LEGO Star Wars "More Wings"

It’s not everyday you come across a mid-battle conversation between a storm trooper and a rebel pilot.

LEGO City "Delayed"

Another delayed LEGO flight due to the impulses of a child with a big imagination.

LEGO Friends "New House"

Giant laser canons added to your house? Just typical housing renovations in the LEGO Friends’ world.