LEGO Battle of Scarif

Meet David Hall, an Adult Fan of Lego. We go behind the scenes with one of Lego’s top AFOLs. 50,000 pieces and 210 hours of building, David produced a large scale Lego diorama featuring the Battle of Scarif, from Star Wars Rogue One. We were excited to have the opportunity to meet David and see what goes into building one of these sets. Taking it to the next level, we filmed cinematic sequences of the scene via a motion control rig combined with a variety of post-production techniques including camera tracking, 3D compositing, particle simulation and sound design to showcase this battle frozen in time.

2018 MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS – GOLD WINNER! We’re super excited to have been recognized for this work, and incredibly proud of our team and all the great work they did on this project. A fantastic collaboration with David Hall, and the LEGO team.

ClientLEGOServicesProduction, 3D Animation, Editing

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